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the ultimate 4 player
chess game variant
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Dominate the battlefield when Kingdoms come
together for an intense and sideswiping game that
appeals to novice and traditional purists alike.  
Employ superior tactics to defeat the opposing
forces using standard chess rules as two to four
opponents, individually or teams, vie for control of
the Kingdoms in a fast and exciting battle.

"Quad Kingdom Chess...
chess with a challenge!"
The game of chess has been around for centuries.  Early versions of this game may date as far as 2500
years.  Jon P. Wearley has taken the game of chess to the next phase of the evolutionary process by
creating Quad Kingdom Chess.

It is inevitable that as two people play, others will congregate around the activity of the game.  More
often than not, the bystanders cannot resist the temptation to offer their unwelcome advice.  These
interactive observers inspired the creation of Quad Kingdom Chess game in which up to four people
can play.

Quad Kingdom Chess  does not alter the number of playing pieces per player nor the standard rules of
the game.  It does however allow for additional game conditions without compromising the integrity of
the game.
QUAD KINGDOM CHESS...   the ultimate 4 way chess, 4 player
chess, 4 handed chess game!

the ultimate 4 player checkers game!
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quad kingdom chess
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